What to eat to lose weight but keep curves?

Once you’re shedding weight, shedding some measurement might be inevitable. Sadly, you possibly can’t precisely select which elements of your physique you lose fats from, so your curves might certainly undergo greater than you’d need them to. 

The excellent news, nonetheless, is that the elements that make you curvy (i.e. your hips, booty, boobs, and torso) are largely made up of fats and muscle. So, though you possibly can’t select the place you burn fats, you do have the choice of rising particular muscle tissues to each be curvy and lean. 

So… what to eat to lose weight but keep curves, you ask? You’re meals that can make it easier to burn fats but preserve muscle mass. 

These embody meals which might be wealthy in protein, after all, but you’re going to want a wholesome quantity of fats and carbs as nicely. Meals that assist keep your starvation and cravings in test are additionally an ideal thought as a result of they make consuming much less really feel a lot simpler. 

I’m going to provide you with some good examples of these in a second but I’ll additionally allow you to in on some workout routines that go nicely with these meals to assist make holding your curves whereas slimming down a lot simpler. 

What to eat to lose weight but keep curves

1. Eggs

There’s a cause why you see all these fashions and athletes have eggs of their diets — it’s merely wonderful to your physique! 

To begin with, it’s loaded with protein and wholesome fats with out having quite a lot of energy. Actually, 1 giant egg will get you over 6g of protein, 5g of fats, and fewer than 75 energy (per the USDA). 

It’s largely due to its dietary profile that I, in addition to quite a lot of others, assume eggs are one in every of the best appetite suppressing foods for weight loss

One study even exhibits how consuming eggs for breakfast might help you management your urge for food all the best way up to dinner. 

Plus, eggs are maybe one of the versatile components to have within the kitchen. They’re low cost, broadly obtainable, and will be cooked in quite a lot of other ways. I imply, that’s simply unbelievable! 

2. Shrimp

To begin with, there’s a study that exhibits how shrimp improves the degrees of your “good” ldl cholesterol vs. your “unhealthy” ldl cholesterol, in addition to scale back your triglyceride ranges. That ought to dispel the parable about shrimp supposedly being unhealthy to your cardiovascular well being. 

Now, for holding your curves… Shrimp is full of protein and omega-Three fatty acids. Pretty low calorie, too. Per NutritionData, 100g of shrimp ought to get you over 20g of protein, 540 mg of omega-3s, and solely 106 energy. 

To me, the most effective half about all that is the top-notch omega-Three content material. Per study, these fatty acids increase protein synthesis whereas decreasing protein breakdown. These results are precisely what you need to have once you’re attempting to lose weight whereas holding your curves as a result of it helps promote muscle progress. 

3. Oysters

Persevering with with our pattern on seafood, oysters are nice to your determine, too! 

Although I personally don’t like all of them that a lot, I can’t deny how dense with vitamins these mollusks are. As a matter of reality, simply 6 medium sized oysters will web you about 6g of protein, 565mg of omega-3, and 76mg of zinc (per NutritionData). 

The zinc present in Oysters is especially eye-popping as a result of that’s greater than 500% of what you want in a day. Loopy, proper? The National Institutes of Health even says that oysters have extra zinc than another meals on this planet. 

That is noteworthy as a result of research means that ingesting extra zinc leads to higher BMI, weight, triglycerides. Furthermore, a number of studies have lengthy since related extra zinc with extra testosterone and extra testosterone has been linked to higher muscle progress. 

Women, don’t be afraid of this. The zinc in oysters, or another pure supply for that matter, gained’t take your T ranges past regular ranges. They’ll solely make it easier to preserve wholesome ranges of the anabolic hormone to make it simpler for you to preserve/develop muscle whereas shedding weight. 

4. Salmon 

Fatty fish like salmon are nice sources of omega-Three which, as already talked about, improves how your physique handles protein. This, in flip, makes it nice for rising and/or sustaining muscle mass and curves. 

Salmon is full of protein, too. I see this mix as considerably like gasoline and engine oil in vehicles. The protein fuels your muscle progress whereas the omega-Three fatty acids assist be certain your muscle rising mechanisms are working easily. 

On your reference, 100g of Atlantic wild salmon holds 20g of protein, 6g of fats, and solely 142 energy (per the USDA). 

5. Tuna

Tuna’s a bit simpler and possibly cheaper to get than salmon which I believe makes it a greater choice for fish to some individuals. Plus, it has barely extra protein and rather less energy. 

It’s, nonetheless, a leaner kind of fish in contrast to salmon. Particularly, 100g of yellowfin tuna ought to get you a bit greater than 24g of protein, about 0.5g of fats, and solely 109 energy in accordance to USDA information. 

After all, these values can range particularly if you happen to’re shopping for it canned. On this case, I like to recommend shopping for tuna in water, like StarKist’s Chunk Light Tuna, slightly than these in oil. This helps keep the energy down. 

6. Hen

Let’s take a break from seafood and switch our heads in the direction of poultry. 

Like eggs, it’s pretty inexpensive, extremely obtainable, and has a ton of wholesome recipes simply floating across the web. 

Additionally, hen, or hen breasts to be extra particular, has been a staple of the health group for many years — maybe even centuries — as a result of it’s one of many leanest sources of protein you may get.

Actually, 100g of cooked hen breasts have round 31g of protein in accordance to the National Chicken Council

Per research, that’s roughly the quantity of protein you want in a meal to preserve muscle mass. So, if you happen to’re nonetheless questioning what to eat to lose weight but keep curves, I extremely suggest holding hen in your brief checklist. 

7. Turkey

As you may need guessed, turkey has an identical dietary profile to hen. Strictly about holding your curves whereas shedding weight, I believe they’re interchangeable. 

Nonetheless, they do have minute variations. Turkey has much less barely extra protein, much less fats, and fewer energy, making it the marginally leaner alternative. Though, it’s additionally dearer and more durable to discover the place I dwell, so I typically simply stick to hen besides on particular events. 

In any case, both alternative ought to just do advantageous.

8. Protein shake

In spite of everything this speak about protein being nice to your curves, this shouldn’t be stunning. 

Per research, ingesting extra protein leads to stronger and larger muscle tissues when paired with resistance workout routines. It additionally helps protect muscle mass once you’re on a caloric deficit (or a weight loss food regimen). 

These are vital notes to take into account as a result of understanding particular muscle tissues whereas consuming much less energy and extra protein is strictly the way you’re going to preserve your curves whereas shedding kilos — and a top-notch protein shake does simply that! 

I’ve been utilizing Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey ever since and I haven’t had any points with it. But, if you happen to’re vegan, don’t fear. There’s quite a lot of different selections for you, too, and we’ve detailed a number of the greatest ones in our checklist of the Best Plant-Based Protein Powders for Women

9. Complete grain something

I’m speaking bread, pasta — and heck, even rice! 

Perhaps somebody instructed you to keep away from carbs everytime you’re attempting to lose weight but pay attention to me: carbs are your good friend! 

Particularly in case your objective is to keep your curves, they may even be simply as important as protein. Actually, there are studies suggesting how carbs and protein collectively amplify muscle progress versus protein alone. 

Nonetheless, I extremely suggest selecting complete grain when it comes to carbs. Complete grain choices — like brown rice, complete grain bread and pasta, for instance — have decrease glycemic index scores in contrast to their “white” counterparts. So, your physique digests and absorbs them at a slower price. 

This additionally makes them a extra secure supply of energy and vitality, so that you don’t go hungry as quick. 

10. Boiled candy potatoes

Talking of low GI scores, this additionally makes candy potatoes an ideal supply of slow-digesting carbohydrates. 

Nonetheless, you need these unhealthy boys boiled. Not fried, not roasted, and particularly not baked. 

Per the University of Sydney, boiled candy potatoes have a GI rating of 44 (low) but once you fry, roast, or bake it, the numbers instantly shoot up to 76, 82, and 94 respectively. Attention-grabbing how the best way you prepare dinner them modifications what they do to your physique, huh?

What’s extra is that sweet potatoes have extra calcium and fiber than your common potatoes. The fiber helps with satiety so that you don’t crave for extra meals and calcium is closely concerned in muscle contraction. 

11. Oatmeal

Like candy potatoes, brown rice, and complete grain bread, oatmeal is one other wonderful supply of carbs once you’re questioning what to eat when trying to lose weight

Nonetheless, be cautious of what oatmeal you purchase. Keep away from prompt oats as they’re probably the most closely processed type of oatmeal. As an alternative, search for steel-cut oats as they’re the least processed or rolled oats as a result of they’re someplace within the center. 

Metal-cut and rolled oats have decrease glycemic index scores than prompt oats, so having them for breakfast will get you a gradual supply of vitality all through the day.

12. Quinoa

The primary time I attempted quinoa, I legitimately thought I used to be consuming filth. It tasted that unhealthy. 

Granted, I’m not the most effective residence prepare dinner on the planet but simply from asking round, I’ve already gathered that quinoa is so much like beer in that it’s an acquired style. Plus, I don’t know what my spouse does to it when she cooks but her product in some way tastes higher. 

That being stated, you probably have the tongue for it, quinoa is a superb supply of plant-based carbs and protein. To me, that’s precisely what makes it so nice to your determine. 

You see, everytime you’re understanding (which I extremely suggest it is best to), you’re utilizing up treasured glycogen shops for vitality and also you want to recharge these batteries if you need to develop and/or preserve these muscle tissues. 

In accordance to research, carbs plus protein mixed is best for glycogen resynthesis over carbs alone, making quinoa and different complete meals sources of those macronutrients nice for sustaining your curves whereas on a food regimen. 

13. Legumes

Per the MayoClinic, these embody beans, peas, and lentils. Legumes are additionally wonderful plant-based sources of protein, fiber, and just a bit little bit of fats. Fairly versatile little issues, too. You need to use them as snacks (like I do with peanuts), serve them as a aspect dish, or make them part of your fundamental meals. 

Legumes are additionally staples of the health group and the way quite a lot of the ladies you see on the web have maintained their curves whereas leaning out their physiques.

For protein, I extremely suggest chickpeas. Simply 100g of these things goes to get you 20g of protein and a great 63g of carbs (per USDA). Different nice legumes you may want to add to your food regimen are black beans, pink kidney beans, and edamame. 

14. Nuts

Completely different sorts of nuts are full of all types of various vitamins but they’re typically full of protein, fiber, and wholesome fats. 

Take almonds, for instance. Per USDA information, an oz. of them will get you 6g of protein, almost 4g of fiber, and 14g of fats. Walnuts are fairly good, too, with about 18g of fats and 4g of protein. 

The truth that nuts are full of fats additionally means they’re typically extra calorie dense than different weight loss meals. So, take them carefully. 

15. Avocados

Apart from nuts, avocados are one other wonderful supply of fats. A lot of the fats discovered on this fruit is monounsaturated which is essentially thought of the healthiest kind of fats. 

You want fats in your system as a result of 1) it helps preserve a wholesome hormonal steadiness, and a pair of) it helps your physique take up fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, and Okay. 

Every gram of fats additionally holds 9 energy. That’s so much in contrast to carbs and protein that solely have Four energy per gram every. 

I believe that is vital to be aware of as a result of once you’re attempting to lose weight but nonetheless be curvy, calorie dense meals assist just remember to don’t lose an excessive amount of weight and find yourself trying too skinny than you’d need. 

16. Fruits

Or, extra particularly, you need fruits which might be excessive in fiber and water. These embody watermelon, grapefruit, apples, and berries. 

The fiber and water in these fruits make them extremely satiating which, in flip, helps you eat much less energy all through the day. Oh, they usually’re fairly low-calorie themselves, too, despite their wonderful pure sweetness. 

Plus, totally different fruits pack totally different nutritional vitamins, minerals, and compounds that assist cleanse your system of dangerous toxins. And, with much less of those toxins, your physique capabilities extra optimally, main to a quicker metabolism. 

These results are literally why I believe fruits are amongst the healthiest foods you should eat everyday to lose weight

17. Greens

One other kind of meals you need to add to your plate is greens. You’re celery, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, and leafy greens like spinach, kale, and plenty of others. 

Like fruit, these greens are loaded with fiber and water that assist keep your urge for food in test whereas additionally bearing a number of key nutritional vitamins and minerals. 

Leafy greens, particularly, are wealthy sources of vitamin Okay which may be ready to help weight loss in accordance to studies. Furthermore, research on leafy greens additionally present how they might help enhance your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio to assist keep you away from illness. 

After all, including these meals to your day by day food regimen is nice but additionally simply as vital is their proportions. This brings us to the following query you ought to be asking:

How a lot of every macronutrient ought to I eat to lose weight and keep my curves?

To begin with, shedding weight is all about being on a caloric deficit — or consuming much less energy (meals) than your physique burns. Per the MayoClinic, you want to lower about 500-1000 energy a day to lose 1-2 lbs per week, which many consultants agree is a secure tempo to lose weight. 

For instance, if you happen to’re consuming about 3000 energy per day proper now, you want to lower your parts so that you’re solely consuming 2000-2500 energy day by day. 

Now, how a lot of these energy is made up of protein, carbs, and fats is the difficult half. 

Now we have extra particulars about this in our How Long Does It Take To Get A Bigger Butt article but mainly, right here’s what research says your day by day energy ought to be made up of if you need to retain muscle mass whereas chopping weight:

  • Carbs – 55-60% 
  • Protein – 25-30% 
  • Fats – 15-20%

For protein, one other research suggests ingesting 1.2-2.Zero grams of protein per kilo of your weight to construct or preserve muscle. I like to recommend utilizing this as a information to be sure to get sufficient protein. Additionally, keep your carbs and fats on the decrease finish of their steered percentages to be sure to keep in a caloric deficit. 

Exercises to preserve curves

Figuring out achieves 2 issues: 

  1. You burn extra energy which helps you lose weight
  2. You stimulate protein synthesis to construct or preserve muscle

I’ve to reiterate the 2nd profit as a result of I keep listening to individuals say “I need to lose weight but i don’t need to lose my curves”. Properly, girls, understanding is the way you do it.

That being stated, cardio is nice for total weight loss but with out resistance coaching, there’s no method you’re holding on to that muscle and, consequently, your plump form. 

That being stated, you’re going to need to exercise your complete physique. You need wider lats and shoulders, a rounder butt, and a perkier chest to fill out the fats you lose whereas on a food regimen. Growing these elements of your physique may also give the phantasm of a slimmer waist which accentuates the hourglass form that you just’re after. 

Listed here are just a few workout routines you are able to do:

Hip thrusts

Per research, hip thrusts are among the many few decrease physique workout routines which have a excessive stage of glute activation. This mainly means it’s top-of-the-line exercises for rising your glutes. 

Begin by sitting on the bottom and instantly in entrance of a bench. Subsequent, be certain your toes are flat on the ground then lean again so your higher again or shoulder blades contact the sting of the bench. You could place your arms on the bench for stability. 

Lastly, transfer your hips straight up till your thighs are parallel together with your torso. At this level, be certain your shin is perpendicular to the ground. If it’s not, transfer your toes entrance or again till it’s. 

Slowly return to the beginning place and repeat. 


Per the identical research, step-ups, so simple as they’re, considerably activate extra of your glutes than do extra widespread workout routines like squats, deadlifts, and naturally, hip thrusts. So, ensure to embody this the following time you’re employed in your legs. 

Begin by standing instantly in entrance of a bench. In case you’re understanding at residence, a secure chair or no matter elevated platform you have got goes to work simply advantageous. 

Subsequent, place your proper foot on the bench and use that to step up and onto the bench. Decrease that very same foot again on the ground adopted by the left foot. 

Repeat for 8-12 reps then do the identical factor together with your left foot now main the motion. 

Crossover step-ups

Whereas the above workout routines are 2 of the most effective at rising your gluteus maximus (your largest butt muscle that’s additionally largely liable for how plump these cheeks get), research says that crossover step-ups are higher for activating your gluteus medius (or what lots of people refer to because the “higher butt”). 

Whereas not as distinguished, you want to develop your gluteus medius as a result of it’s going to make it easier to get a rounder butt

This time, begin by standing beside a bench or no matter platform you have got at residence. Subsequent, transfer the foot that’s farthest from the bench throughout your physique and onto the platform. Utilizing that very same leg, prop your self up on high of the bench. Lastly, transfer that very same foot again on the ground adopted by the opposite leg and the remainder of your physique. 

Repeat 8-12 occasions then do the identical factor but lead with the other foot. 

Observe: For each step-ups variations, be sure that the platform you employ is excessive sufficient that once you put 1 foot on high of it, your thighs are extra much less parallel to the ground. This helps make sure that you maximize glute activation. 

Hip abduction (sitting on a machine or mendacity on the ground)

Different workout routines that can make it easier to develop your gluteus medius and get extra shapely peaches are totally different variations of hip abduction. 

Utilizing a machine, it’s pretty easy. Simply sit down, place the leg pads exterior of your thighs, and — I hope this doesn’t sound too soiled — start spreading your legs. 

You need to go as heavy as you possibly can for 8-12 reps right here as a result of a study suggests that you just recruit extra of your gluteus medius once you do that with extra weight. Going gentle, however, targets extra of your gluteus maximus. 

However, if you happen to’re not utilizing a machine, begin by mendacity on one aspect of your physique together with your hips and knees bent. Now, slowly increase the highest leg straight up and maintain on the highest place you possibly can accomplish with out twisting your physique. 

Slowly transfer again to the beginning place and repeat. After all, repeat with the opposite aspect as nicely. 

Large-grip and close-grip lat pulldowns

These are old-school but nonetheless top-of-the-line methods to exercise your lats. Surprisingly, there’s research suggesting that there’s truly no important distinction between the 2 when it comes to lats activation, in order that they’re equally nice for rising that muscle. 

Sit on the lat pulldown machine together with your thighs underneath the pads to assist be sure to keep in place then attain for the bar above you. 

In case you’re doing wide-grips, place your fingers in the direction of the ends of the bar together with your palms going through ahead. For close-grips, grip the bar nearer to the middle together with your palms going through you. 

Subsequent, lean again a bit then pull your elbows down and again till the bar is above your chest. Slowly return to the beginning place and repeat. 

These exercises additionally mimic pull-ups and chin-ups. In accordance to Ace Fitness, these body weight workout routines truly activate your lats extra. So, you probably have the energy to do them as an alternative, go for it! 

Shoulder press

For the following workout routines, let’s shift our focus to creating all of the fibers — the anterior, lateral, and posterior elements — of your deltoid muscle tissues. The workout routines listed may also be primarily based on what research says are greatest for activating these separate fibers. 

That being stated, the research says that shoulder presses are the most effective at stimulating your entrance delts. 

First, seize a pair of dumbbells and sit on an upright bench. Prop the dumbbells up and to the aspect, ensuring that your fingers are stage or barely above your shoulders together with your palms going through ahead. 

Subsequent, push the weights straight up till your elbows are straight and the dumbbells are instantly above your head. Slowly return to the beginning place and repeat. 

Bent arm lateral increase

Shifting on, the identical analysis says that bent arm lateral raises are what prompts the lateral fibers of your deltoids probably the most. 

Begin by grabbing a pair of dumbbells. Stay standing and together with your arms beside you, bend your elbows about 90 levels. 

Subsequent, increase your elbows sideways till they’re stage together with your shoulder then slowly return to the beginning place. Repeat. 

Keep in mind to keep your elbows bent all through your entire train. 

Incline row

Per the identical analysis, incline rows are top-of-the-line workout routines at focusing on your posterior delts. Consequently, this train additionally targets your lats. 

Begin by tweaking an adjustable bench till it’s at a 45 diploma angle. Seize a pair of dumbbells then lean onto it till your chest is resting on the bench. Go away your arms (and the dumbbells) hanging when you plant the ball of your foot firmly on the ground to be sure to have a strong base. 

Lastly, pull your elbows straight up as you squeeze your shoulder blades collectively. Cease when your fingers are beside the bottom a part of your ribs then slowly return to the beginning place. Repeat. 

In a nutshell

Slimming down whereas holding your curves is all about consuming the suitable kind of meals with the suitable proportions and creating the suitable muscle tissues with the suitable workout routines. 

When it comes to meals, you need to primarily give attention to protein but don’t cease consuming carbs and fats. Meals is your good friend right here as a result of with out it, you gained’t get to keep your muscle tissues with train, and due to this fact your curves, when you slim down. 

And, if you happen to’ve already slimmed down method an excessive amount of and are questioning how to get curves again after shedding weight, these similar ideas apply besides now, you want to eat extra energy utilizing the identical proportions. 

In case you have pals who’re having the identical drawback about their physique, inform them about us, will ya? Thanks! 

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