18 Things To Meditate On (In addition to The Breath)

The breath is clearly the preferred and direct factor to give attention to through the meditation. The breath is handy as a result of it’s all the time with you irrespective of the place you go. It’s each voluntary and involuntary, so you are able to do one thing with it, or let it do it’s personal factor. It’s multi-sensory, so you possibly can really feel it and listen to it (and even see it generally). It’s additionally an amazing anchor into the current second, because the breath is all the time occurring now. Nonetheless, there are different issues to meditate on and give attention to throughout meditation–in addition to the breath–which can be nonetheless useful to getting into a meditative state.

So, on this article we cowl among the finest issues to meditate on (in addition to the breath) that you could experiment with.

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18 Things To Meditate On:

Meditate On Mantras:

Mantras are one of the crucial frequent issues to meditate on, and one of the crucial highly effective as nicely. Mantra is a Sanskrit phrase that interprets to one thing like “instruments for the free thoughts”.

Mantras are top-of-the-line issues to meditate on for a number of causes. One cause, is as a result of it acts as an object of focus. It’s one thing to maintain the monkey-mind busy, which lets you discover that calm that you just search.

One more reason mantras are so highly effective is as a result of they exchange 1,000,000 totally different ideas, with one single, peaceable thought. This lets you extra simply accumulate your scattered consideration, and unify it.

Most significantly, mantra is useful as a result of it overrides psychological speech, the commonest stage of considering for folks.

Some mantras have a literal that means, however many derive their worth largely from their sound high quality. A preferred instance of mantras is the mantra “Om”, however there are lots of out there, and you possibly can even make your personal.

You’ll be able to select both secular mantras or non secular mantras, from any language. Some mantras are brief and a few are lengthy. Some contain verbal recitation, some psychological recitation, some whispering, and a few contain actively listening to a mantra be repeated.

Check out totally different mantras, to search out which one actually jumps out at you.

Meditate On Objects:

Object meditation is useful for cultivating the flexibility to
be in a meditative state whereas functioning within the “actual world”, because it teaches
you to maintain your thoughts calm and centered on on a regular basis objects.

It’s not precisely straightforward at first. It includes taking a look at
one thing, with out critiquing it. And we’re used to seeing one thing and instantly
associating it with a phrase or idea. This is the reason object meditation can be generally
known as “the artwork of non-labeling”.

Among the finest issues to meditate on are:

1. Candle Mild

Hearth is hypnotic, and may create a state of trance shortly. Should you’ve ever sat by a fireplace, you might be conscious of how mesmerizing it may be. Or in case you’ve ever sat in a room that was lit purely by candles, you’ve certainly felt how stress-free and peaceable the nice and cozy glow of the candlelight is.

This is the reason candle meditation, additionally know as “trataka”, is such an efficient meditative approach. This hypnotic, calming state permits the thoughts to decelerate, so you possibly can focus your consideration and discover perception.

2. A Tree

Tree meditation makes use of the intrinsic energy of bushes to assist practitioners floor and heart. Meditating on a tree will enable you hook up with the pure world round you, and really feel the deep rootedness, power, and spirit of a tree inside your self.  

3. An Picture That Brings You Peace

Discover a picture that brings you peace. The private connection will deliver one other factor to the desk, and probably make it simpler to remain centered.

To do object meditation:

  • Sit comfortably together with your again straight and permit your physique to begin to loosen up.
  • Put your consciousness and give attention to the exterior object, reminiscent of a candle three to 4 toes away from you, a tree, or a picture that brings you peace.
  • Gaze upon the article. Discover a stability between specializing in the article and discovering softness throughout the gaze, so that you just aren’t taking a look at one particular element of the entire.
  • Whereas gazing, work to keep away from labeling what you might be seeing. Merely see it as it’s, with out letting your judgment interpret it. Don’t enable your self to begin making tales concerning the object, or attempt to relate it to your previous or future.
  • If labels and tales begin to take over your thoughts, don’t be laborious on your self about it, it’s regular. Everytime you catch your self, simply return to seeing it with out judging.


Meditate On You:

1. Your Feelings

We all the time affiliate our feelings with ideas. Our feelings have a number of psychological dialog, which makes it laborious to discern between what the emotion is and what the thought is.

One of many main causes we get so misplaced in our feelings, is as a result of we’re consultants as attaching grand tales to them. This escalates our feelings.

An emotion by itself is fast and instant. It doesn’t create extra ripples.

Nonetheless, when there’s a storyline hooked up to an emotion, ripples seem and develop bigger and bigger, and finally flip into an enormous wave.

Our thoughts and ideas primarily rev up feelings. Nonetheless, you should utilize your feelings as an object of meditation, and as a method to get to know your self higher. Whenever you meditate in your feelings, you’re not suppressing the feelings, however letting them seem and finally cross, with out attaching a narrative to it.

2. Thought Clouds

As a substitute of simply watching your ideas (which is an ordinary meditation follow), envision your ideas are clouds. This makes it simpler to see them in a brand new gentle, enable them to float off, and let go of unhelpful ideas. To do it:

  • First, inhale into the stomach and exhale out whereas participating the abdomen muscle groups. Take 10 deep breaths like this, whereas letting your physique loosen up.
  • Then transfer your consideration to noticing your ideas. Noticing means seeing, with out having to do something.
  • Now, as ideas come into your head think about they’re like a cloud, gentle and ethereal. You’ll be able to have a look at the cloud, or let it drift away.  

And that’s it. A cloud would possibly seem like a fireplace respiration dragon from one angle, however in case you tilt your head the opposite means, it could possibly shortly flip into one thing innocent like a fuzzy little kitten. And even in case you can’t see the fuzzy little kitten, the cloud will cross quickly anyway.

3. The House Behind Your Eyes

It’s an odd place to focus, however it works. Together with your eyes closed, whereas meditating, give attention to the house behind your eyes. Let your eyes loosen up, you don’t want your eyes to see it, solely your consciousness. Everytime you discover you consideration wandered elsewhere, deliver it again to that peculiar house behind your eyes.

4. Your Physique

The physique is likely one of the finest issues to meditate on in addition to the breath. Usually we’re so wrapped up in our minds, that we neglect concerning the physique. So, while you’re having a tough time getting out of your head, escape it by going into the physique. A good way to do this can be a physique scan.

*To see in case you’re in your physique proper now, go to your jaw, your shoulders, your brow and your neck. Did you discover the stress? Earlier than you observed it, you weren’t in your physique. You observed it now, since you are in your physique now–and now you possibly can launch the stress your holding.

To do a physique scan:

  • Lie down in your again. (Mendacity is extra snug for most individuals, however you possibly can sit if it’s extra snug for you).
  • Shut your eyes. Breathe out and in for just a few breaths, and spot how your physique expands into the floor of the bottom. Spend as a lot time as you want right here.
  • Then, flip your consideration to your physique. Begin on the bottoms of your toes. See in case you can really feel them? Then transfer to the ankles and see in case you can really feel these. Then your shins, then your knees, all the best way to the highest of your head.
  • Attempt to really feel every space of your physique as you progress upwards. You’ll be able to go as slowly as you want. Generally it takes a bit follow to actually get into your physique and really feel it.


Meditate On The Religious:

You too can meditate on non secular topics reminiscent of:

1. Your Deity/Deities

Meditate in your deity, reminiscent of Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Krishna, and so on… Or meditate on a prayer.

2. Your Chakras

Should you follow yoga, chakra meditation might come simpler to you. If not, it might appear a bit “woo”. Nonetheless, chakra meditation is just like the physique scan meditation, however with a extra esoteric method.

The chakras acknowledge the energetic high quality of issues. Every chakra is taken into account to a focus of non secular, bodily and emotional energies. And all of the chakras collectively are a community by means of which the thoughts, physique and spirit work together as one system.

Should you’re trying to heal some unfavorable feelings or energys that really feel like their “saved” inside you, chakra meditation could possibly be for you.

It additionally supplies a framework, which makes it simpler to comply with than say, a physique scan meditation.

Here’s a simple guide to chakra meditation.

Meditate On Sounds:

1. The Sound Of The Ocean

Think about the sounds of the ocean, hearken to it on a recorded video, or in case you’re fortunate sufficient to dwell close to an ocean, go hearken to it dwell and in individual in case you can. It’s a calming sound, and is just like the breath in sound, and the best way that it comes out and in.

2. The Sounds Round You

You too can shut your eyes, and simply give attention to the sounds round you. All you do, is lie or sit down, shut your eyes, and spot. Discover the sounds of your breath, the birds outdoors chirping, the visitors going by, and simply let it occur. Whenever you discover your thoughts wandering, return to your listening ears.

3. Sound Baths

A sound tub is a stress relieving approach and meditative expertise the place members “bathe” within the sound waves produced by devices, reminiscent of chimes, drums, singing bowls and gongs. It would sound a bit bizarre in case you’ve by no means heard of it, however in case you’ve acquired nothing lose, there’s no hurt in making an attempt it out. And I’m certain you acknowledge the therapeutic energy of music in a method or one other.

For a lot of, mediating could be fairly the “work”. Sound baths take most of “work” out of meditating, by permitting you to take a seat again and loosen up. All you do is try to give attention to the sounds and being current.

Even in case you don’t all the time attain a meditative state throughout a sound tub, it normally supplies some stage of leisure for most individuals.

Search for sound tub occasions at your native yoga or meditation
heart. For many who can’t make it to a dwell sound tub, you possibly can additionally strive listening
to at least one by means of headphones. Though a dwell sound tub is normally extra intense, I
discover that there are some recordings on the market that do the trick by means of my headphones.


Meditate On A Psychological Picture:

Visualizing is nice method to enter meditation while you’re discovering breath follow troublesome. Attempt these out:

1. The Earth Slowly Rotating

Zoom out, and envision all the earth floating, because it
does. Watch the blue and inexperienced marble float, and slowly spin in house.

2. A White Feather

Merely envision a feather in your thoughts. Really feel the sensation of the feather, floating, drifting, and remaining comfortable and quiet.

3. The Face Of A Cherished One

Envision the face of a liked one, reminiscent of your canine. Attempt to not choose whereas meditating on their face, merely soak within the feeling.

Meditate On A “Idea”:

You too can meditate on ideas, though you need to strive to not let your thoughts make up tales round it. You aren’t serious about the tales your thoughts creates across the idea, fairly, you might be meditating on the essence of what’s being described. Attempt these on for dimension:

1. Love, Peace, & Understanding

Meditate on the sensation and “isness” of affection, peace or understanding.

2. Infinity

Meditate on perpetually.

3. Demise

Imagine it or not, meditating on the inevitability of loss of life, and your personal loss of life can really make you happier, and may present lots perception to your life. It’s generally advised that this type of meditation not be shared with those that cope with melancholy and anxiousness. Nonetheless, I’ve skilled melancholy and anxiousness in my life, and I can say, I’m glad this type of meditation wasn’t hidden from me. So, I’m not hiding it from you both. However perform a little research and a few discernment when making an attempt out this type of meditation.



The above methods shall be helpful to anybody who meditates, whether or not you could have a tough time with breath meditation, otherwise you simply need to strive one thing new/additional domesticate your follow.

Here’s a ultimate wrap up of issues to meditate on subsequent time in addition to the breath:

  1. Mantras
  2. Candle gentle
  3. Timber
  4. A picture that brings you peace
  5. Your feelings
  6. Thought clouds
  7. The house behind your eyes
  8. Your physique
  9. Your diety/dieties
  10. Your chakras
  11. The sounds of the ocean
  12. The sounds round you
  13. Attempt a sound tub
  14. The complete earth
  15. A feather
  16. The face of a liked one
  17. Love, peace and understanding
  18. Demise

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Have you learnt every other issues to meditate on, or give attention to throughout meditation? We’d love to listen to from you within the feedback!

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